Product Review: Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey

First Impressions:

As past finalists in the KEiBA Awards we were looking forward to road testing Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey. Evolution Slimming sent two flavours for us to try, chocolate and banana. The only problem we had was deciding which one to start with. We opted to try the banana flavour first.

Okay so with that decision out of the way it was now down to making a shake. As with all of our tests we tried it with milk, coconut milk and water. Every shake we made had plenty of flavour although we did find there was a little bit of ‘grain’ to it. That said it was more of a floury texture rather than a taste so certainly didn’t put us off.

Water: Our water shake was full of flavour but to be honest the sweetness of it was slightly too much. As there was no flavour coming from the water there was nothing to dilute that banana flavour. Despite not having any added sugars the natural sugars of the product are quite pungent.

Coconut milk: After mixing the whey protein powder with coconut milk it had an almost tropical taste to it, obviously this was because of the ‘added coconut’. It wasn’t a bad taste at all but just not bananay enough for our liking.

Milk: When mixed with milk this product really felt like we’d been transported back to the Nesquik milkshakes of our youth, no bad thing in anybody’s book! The only drawback to mixing it with milk is that, depending on the milk you use, it can be a little on the fattening side. And of course if you’re lactose intolerant then milk isn’t going to work for you at all.

About Evolution Slimming:

Launched back in 2007 Evolution Slimming’s idea was to put the customer first and help them achieve their fitness goals. As with all great businesses they clearly set out to truly change people lives for the better with their products. In that time they’ve received international acclaim and have amassed a loyal customer base, recently celebrated their 10th birthday with over 1 million customers. The company’s ethos has always been “to provide everyone with an easy, affordable way to help improve their lifestyle, weight loss and fitness goals with the very best in quality ingredients” and their excellent Trustpilot and Trusted Shops ratings are definitely testament to that, receiving a rating of 4 out of 5 and 4.61 out of 5 respectively with over 6 thousand reviews!


Being a diet whey this protein product is ideal for anybody wanting to maintain lean muscle whilst still increasing their gains. It’s made with a premium quality whey protein but is also very low in carbohydrates with less than 5g per serving, making it perfect people on a low-carb diet or for low-carb days if you’re carb cycling. EvoSport Diet Whey is available in six flavours (banana, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, black cherry and raspberry) so there’s plenty of options there for you to choose from.

Having used this for around a month we found that it kept our hunger pangs at bay on fast days. We also found it great for breaking our fast with as the proteins were absorbed quickly and although it’s low in carbs it has just enough to give your energy levels a boost. Using it as part of our workout regime and within the anabolic window we noticed a positive difference in physique after a pretty short period of time. Obviously everybody is different so timescale will differ from person to person but we were very pleased and pleasantly surprised with the results.


As well as a premium quality protein blend made from whey, soya and milk this Diet Whey also has a good helping of other ingredients design to complement your body.

  • Acai Berry – a rich source of antioxidants that are great for weight loss and aiding digestion
  • Green Tea – is very well known to help increase your metabolic rate
  • CLA Powder – or conjugated linoleum acid is an Omega-6 fatty acid that can help reduce body fat but can also help reduce your risk things like as heart disease and cancer
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – helps your cells to produce energy


Our favourite mixer was milk but it mixed well with water and coconut milk too. Our only complaint about mixing was that there was a bit of a grainy texture to it. This didn’t effect the taste at all but it was a slightly unusual texture. We did try mixing it with double to quantity of milk/water that was suggested and that greatly improved the texture but there was still a tiny hint of grain.


Supplied with it’s own scoop each packet was well presented in an easily resealable silvery foil pouch that helped keep it fresh. The labelling was also very clear and easy to read. The packaging was good but nothing special though.


Oh the smell, it smelt of our childhood! Somehow Evolution Slimming had managed to capture the essence of our youth and packaged it in this amazing diet whey product. We would happily buy this on smell alone! It doesn’t need to rely on it’s smell as it’s a great protein powder anyway but the smell gives it even more of an edge.


We tried both the banana and chocolate flavours and although we found them both to be a tad on the sweet side we really liked the banana flavour. The chocolate flavour was nice too (look out for our review of that coming shortly) but not quite a nice as The Protein Works Whey Protein 80 that we reviewed recently. It’s also available in strawberry, vanilla, black cherry and raspberry.


At around 60p a serving it’s good value and certainly well worth trying, this is also in keeping with the company’s ethos of making affordable, accessible products that work well. You can also buy this a part of a weight loss bundle which also comes with CLA capsules, Green Tea capsules, Hiprolean XS High Strength Fat Burner and a protein shaker.

Why should I buy this diet whey?

There’s no shortage of diet whey’s on the market but they’re not all the same. Evolution Slimming’s diet whey is a true diet whey in the fact that has a good balance of what your body needs but can also assist with our desire to be lean. Used as part of a balanced diet it will help you loose weight and build muscle while also making sure you’ve got the energy you need. On top of that they’ll ship anywhere in the world at an extremely reasonable price and give you a no quibble 30 day guarantee. What more could you ask for!


When your shake tastes as good as this you’ll find a little niggle at the back of your brain saying can this really be doing me good? Well the simple answer to that is yes, it absolutely can. As well as being high in protein and low in carbs it also has a great balance of ingredients that will do you the world of good. On top of that is has absolutely no added sugars at all. All in all this definitely gets the SmartProteins seal of approval, it really is good.

Want to know more:

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