Protein Supplements for Triathletes

Since its inception in 1920’s France the popularity of the triathlon (or ‘Les trois sports’ as it was first known as) has grown and grown. Its Olympic debut in the 2000 Sydney Olympics combined with the success of the Brownlee brothers during the 2012 London Olympics has only helped to fuel the sports appeal. This

Best protein supplements for women

We’ve come an awful long way since the beginning of protein supplements when their only aim was to help you build muscle and were only used by hardcore body builders and power lifters. There was once a time when protein supplements where, shall we say ‘unisex’. It was still a developing market so there was

Protein – why it’s so important for us

We’re always told how important protein is to our diet and that we need to consume enough of it. Any Google search for protein will return a million and one results for protein sources, whether is’s via food stuffs or supplements and powders, but very rarely will you find anything that gives you a definitive

All time top 5 greatest fitness trackers

With Christmas just around the corner fitness trackers are sure to appear on many a wish list but which one should you go for? There’s a plethora of choice making it difficult to know which is the best. We review the top five fitness trackers on the market to help you decide the best option

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes…

… and how to avoid them. We all have the best intentions when we go off to the gym but all too often we make the same mistakes. Whilst this isn’t usually a bad thing, after all it’s how we learn and improve, some of the most common workout mistakes can actually be doing us

The perfect workout regimen

“What’s the perfect workout for ME?” This is probably the question people ask most often. Whilst this is a commonly asked question the answer isn’t as easy to find so we thought you’d put together a guide to help you find the perfect workout regimen. As you might expect there isn’t a simple one size

The definitive guide to protein sources

History of protein powders The history of protein supplements begin in the 1950’s in the days when bodybuilding wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. Bodybuilders discovered that in order to increase their muscle size they needed to drastically raise the amount of protein they were consuming. This wasn’t always easily achieved by diet alone

10 secret winning tips that actually work

When it comes to getting the edge, whether it’s football, rugby, swimming, running, boxing or for that matter tiddlywinks it’s so important to have the right mindset and so training your brain in the right way is crucial when it comes to getting the edge over your opponent even if that opponent isn’t a person

Product Review: Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey

First Impressions: As past finalists in the KEiBA Awards we were looking forward to road testing Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey. Evolution Slimming sent two flavours for us to try, chocolate and banana. The only problem we had was deciding which one to start with. We opted to try the banana flavour first. Okay so

The Key Supplements Needed for: Strength Training

This week’s pro article is brought to by semi-pro rugby player Ollie Claxton Lifting weights is a curious activity: you pick up a heavy object and then put it down again. If an observer from a gym-free planet were to witness the countless people around the world performing this repetitive and seemingly pointless task, they may