Protein Supplements For Endurance

In competitive sports we’re all looking for that extra something to give us the edge over the competition. Yes you’ll always get the odd few who will go down the route of banned substances but this is never to be recommended, they’re banned for a reason after all. Fear not though there are plenty of

Protein Supplements for Backpackers

When we talk about backpacking we’re not talking about the occasional backpacker who’s outdoors for a few hours before going back home to a hot bath and roaring fire. No we’re talking about the serious backpackers who are looking to hike over mountains or trek across deserts. After all if you trekking in the Himalaya’s

Protein Supplements for Triathletes

Since its inception in 1920’s France the popularity of the triathlon (or ‘Les trois sports’ as it was first known as) has grown and grown. Its Olympic debut in the 2000 Sydney Olympics combined with the success of the Brownlee brothers during the 2012 London Olympics has only helped to fuel the sports appeal. This

All time top 5 greatest fitness trackers

With Christmas just around the corner fitness trackers are sure to appear on many a wish list but which one should you go for? There’s a plethora of choice making it difficult to know which is the best. We review the top five fitness trackers on the market to help you decide the best option

10 secret winning tips that actually work

When it comes to getting the edge, whether it’s football, rugby, swimming, running, boxing or for that matter tiddlywinks it’s so important to have the right mindset and so training your brain in the right way is crucial when it comes to getting the edge over your opponent even if that opponent isn’t a person

The Key Supplements Needed for: Strength Training

This week’s pro article is brought to by semi-pro rugby player Ollie Claxton Lifting weights is a curious activity: you pick up a heavy object and then put it down again. If an observer from a gym-free planet were to witness the countless people around the world performing this repetitive and seemingly pointless task, they may

Henry Armstrong – A Boxing Great

This week’s pro article is brought to by leading boxing historian Ralph Oates Over the years boxing has produced a number of fighters who can be called great. American Henry Armstrong nick named Homicide Hank, is a fighter who clearly falls into that category. Armstrong boxed his way to world title contention learning his trade by

Things you MUST know to get gains.

When it comes to working out there is a lot talked about lifting heavy, it seems to be a culture that is pushed by those in the know. But is it really the best answer to getting those results when working out? Well I suppose in part this depends on how experienced you are and

The importance of supplements in a professional sporting environment

This week’s pro article is brought to by semi-pro rugby player Ollie Claxton As a semi-pro rugby player training three times on the field and twice in the gym every week, all on top of a physically brutal match at the weekend, I seriously need to think about what I do with my body. If I