Product Review: Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey

First Impressions: As past finalists in the KEiBA Awards we were looking forward to road testing Evolution Slimming’s EvoSport Diet Whey. Evolution Slimming sent two flavours for us to try, chocolate and banana. The only problem we had was deciding which one to start with. We opted to try the banana flavour first. Okay so

Product Review: The Protein Works Whey Protein 80

First Impressions: We were expecting great thing from one of the titans of sports supplements and we were unsurprised when opening our packaging to reveal a clean, well branded product. It’s a very distinctive brand and one of the best known in the protein world so our hopes were high of great things.. OK, I

Product review: Vegan Power Nutrition’s Hemp Protein

First Impressions: Upon opening the parcel from Vegan Power Nutrition our initial thoughts were that it was a clean, well branded product and that it’s packaging illustrates clearly what it’s all about. It’s simple and slightly minimalist in style. The product is very easy to mix and actually mixes really easily with a wide range