The Ultimate Protein Shake Recipes

When it comes to protein shakes we’ve all tried the usual ‘mix with water or juice’ method but hands up if sometimes you fancy something a bit more interesting than just mixing with water. Go on be honest! We have too and over the years we’ve tried probably hundreds of different protein shake recipes, some

Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Cookies

This twist on a classic is sure to satisfy your sugar cravings while still providing that peanutty protein punch. These cookie sandwiches are packed with tasty Rice Protein Peanut Butter and oats to deliver the perfect post-workout boost. A drizzle of your favourite jam and a sprinkle of Coconut Sugar makes them feel like a

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Follow this simple recipe from PhD Supplements to make yours. Ingredients Makes: 10 slices 250g Ripe Banana, mashed 100g Jumbo Oats 100g Coconut Flour 40g Bournville Cocoa powder 40g PhD Salted Caramel Smart Protein™ powder 40g Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 100g Bournville Dark Chocolate, broken into pieces 3 Eggs 1 tsp Baking Powder 150ml Water

How to Vegan Meal Prep with Miles Kasiri | Easy Recipes & Tips

Going green is a trend that’s catching on, and quickly. In 2016, The Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life Magazine commissioned research that found there were over half a million vegans in Great Britain — and you can bet that number’s dramatically increased in the last two years. For many of us though, going

Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Try this delicious Red Velvet Cup Cakes, made with PhD Supplement’s PhD Diet Whey powder. Follow our recipe below to make yours. Ingredients Makes: 15 cupcakes Self-Raising Flour 80g Diet Whey Belgian Chocolate flavour 25g 1 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Salt 30g Coconut Oil 2 Whole Eggs 1 tsp Red Food Colouring For the

New York Baked Protein Cheesecake

This delicious New York protein cheesecake contains a fraction of the calories, fat and sugar compared with the classic, without skimping on flavour. By baking this protein cheesecake, you can use lower-fat cheese and it’ll still be super-creamy and hold together perfectly. The crunchy base and sweet blueberry coulis are totally optional (but delicious), so