How to do a perfect burpee, every time

We’ve all heard how important burpees are for core strength, stamina and to lose fat but what’s the best way to do a burpee? Over the years we’ve heard so many variations on how to do a burpee and while some of them are correct most of them aren’t. This is why we decided to

Protein Supplements for Vegans

Years ago if you were a vegan you were very limited as to what you could and couldn’t consume. Unless you prepared something yourself the chances are that it wasn’t actually vegan, even if the packaging said it was. You might be surprised to know that Hi-Proteen, the very first protein supplements to be sold,

How to lose your belly fat

…… and keep it off. Whether you’ve over indulged over the Christmas period or your New Year’s resolution is to lose a few pounds around your midriff chances are you’ve come across a range of incredible solutions that are guaranteed to not only work but also work over night. Endless adverts saying that this person

Perfect Home Gym Equipment

Gym membership has increased considerably in recent years, on average growing by around 5% a year, but not everybody is able to go to the gym or even wants to. There are a multitude of reasons for not going to the gym but regardless of the reason chances are you’ll want to do a similar

The Ultimate Protein Shake Recipes

When it comes to protein shakes we’ve all tried the usual ‘mix with water or juice’ method but hands up if sometimes you fancy something a bit more interesting than just mixing with water. Go on be honest! We have too and over the years we’ve tried probably hundreds of different protein shake recipes, some

Protein Supplements for Triathletes

Since its inception in 1920’s France the popularity of the triathlon (or ‘Les trois sports’ as it was first known as) has grown and grown. Its Olympic debut in the 2000 Sydney Olympics combined with the success of the Brownlee brothers during the 2012 London Olympics has only helped to fuel the sports appeal. This

Best protein supplements for women

We’ve come an awful long way since the beginning of protein supplements when their only aim was to help you build muscle and were only used by hardcore body builders and power lifters. There was once a time when protein supplements where, shall we say ‘unisex’. It was still a developing market so there was

Protein – why it’s so important for us

We’re always told how important protein is to our diet and that we need to consume enough of it. Any Google search for protein will return a million and one results for protein sources, whether is’s via food stuffs or supplements and powders, but very rarely will you find anything that gives you a definitive

All time top 5 greatest fitness trackers

With Christmas just around the corner fitness trackers are sure to appear on many a wish list but which one should you go for? There’s a plethora of choice making it difficult to know which is the best. We review the top five fitness trackers on the market to help you decide the best option

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes…

… and how to avoid them. We all have the best intentions when we go off to the gym but all too often we make the same mistakes. Whilst this isn’t usually a bad thing, after all it’s how we learn and improve, some of the most common workout mistakes can actually be doing us