All time top 5 greatest fitness trackers

With Christmas just around the corner fitness trackers are sure to appear on many a wish list but which one should you go for? There’s a plethora of choice making it difficult to know which is the best. We review the top five fitness trackers on the market to help you decide the best option

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes…

… and how to avoid them. We all have the best intentions when we go off to the gym but all too often we make the same mistakes. Whilst this isn’t usually a bad thing, after all it’s how we learn and improve, some of the most common workout mistakes can actually be doing us

The perfect workout regimen

“What’s the perfect workout for ME?” This is probably the question people ask most often. Whilst this is a commonly asked question the answer isn’t as easy to find so we thought you’d put together a guide to help you find the perfect workout regimen. As you might expect there isn’t a simple one size

10 secret winning tips that actually work

When it comes to getting the edge, whether it’s football, rugby, swimming, running, boxing or for that matter tiddlywinks it’s so important to have the right mindset and so training your brain in the right way is crucial when it comes to getting the edge over your opponent even if that opponent isn’t a person

What Is Aerobic Endurance?

On a day-to-day basis, your aerobic endurance impacts your capabilities in the gym, at work, and even around the house. A higher capacity for aerobic endurance means that you can run, cycle, swim and play sports for longer. But it also impacts your ability to climb stairs, walk or any other activity that increases your

Train Like A Champ

Whether you are a World Champion, an aspiring athlete or simply inspired to get fit, you need to train with the right mindset to achieve the best results. Don’t go half way, go the whole way with BULK POWDERS® Train & recover like a champ ANTHONY JOSHUA’S NUTRITION When you train as much as Anthony

The Ultimate Park Bench Workout: Boss Your Box Jump

Getting in a tough workout doesn’t always require a gym or equipment. In fact, now the summer’s here, you can do your workout just about anywhere – even on a park bench. These five simple park bench exercises are designed to work your entire body while strengthening your core, stabilising your balance and improving your